The true art of
making brands into
worlds of experience


We have stood for intelligent and to-the-point communication since 2003. Online and offline. Digital & traditional. Nowadays, brands and companies are multidimensional personalities. Our task is therefore to bring all the dimensions of brands and companies to life for their target groups in a unique manner with medial compression. We see ourselves as being a holistic source of inspiration and creative consultants.

We develop fascinating brand messages, planned with strategic finesse, designed authentically and optimised for all post-modern communication channels.


Branding & Design


Unmistakeable visual identities with a high recognition value which is not only precisely tailored to the visual customs and expectations your target and reference groups but also work seamlessly in all formats and on all channels of course. We work with courage and unconventional ideas to deliberately distinguish ourselves from the competition.


Digital & Online


Digital natives with a healthy portion of Web 2.0 and a strong shot of usability in our blood. From the content management system and the online shop to a native or web app... we develop and realise digital solutions which are perfect for our users’ intentions. With UI/UX design, the customer journey and user flow, we start with a clear basis and ensure sustainable experiences. This is because intelligent digital solutions drive companies forwards and are key to long-term success.




Being well-informed, telling interesting and relevant stories: our editors and copywriters are well-versed in playing the full bandwidth of the keyboard of contemporary storytelling. Do you need regular input on interesting and current specialist topics, do you want to maintain your presence online and on social media with topics which are interesting to your target groups or have these moderated in a reliable and serious manner? Or are you on the lookout for an editor for your company magazine or annual report? We will take care of the content and the tone.


Packaging Design


Whether you work in the field of food and beverages or medical care, we know what we’re doing thanks to our 15 years of experience in the field of packaging design. We have already had the opportunity to support many brands, regardless of whether with a relaunch, expansion, maintenance of difficult transition... your brand is in good hands with us.


Employer Branding


What does your company stand for as a brand and what values does it represent? In order to make people enthusiastic about your company, it needs unique selling points and charisma. We will refine your profile as an employer and give your brand emotions, a strategy and goals. From cost-efficient ways of reaching potential employees online, such as job search engines, business networks, social media, websites, to campaigns, EVP, events and CRM measures. Employer branding is one of the most challenging tasks in the field of marketing. We work to a correspondingly high standard using a clear structure and direction.


Space and orientation


Between the art of building and system design, we have a deep connection with the elements, materials and information levels. From the idea to the draft and the detailed planning, we transport our visions of intelligent aesthetics in the right direction in a targeted manner, with the result being sustainable communication within a space.


Motion Design


600 hours of video is uploaded every minute. So of course the amount of content the average person consumes in a day is massive and continuously increasing – with no intention of slowing down. We're constantly scrolling, stopping only for eye-catching content. Most forward-thinking companies are using motion to enhance their brands and digital experiences to ensure they stand out in the crowded, digital reality of today. You need content that’s different so you can break through the noise of the overstimulated consumer. When done well, motion design can turn mundane information into compelling, visually exciting content that grabs, and hopefully holds, the viewers’ attention.